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Spinal Decompression Testimonials


My success story with Spinal Decompression!

I really don’t know where to start because I’m so excited about not going for surgery. I was scheduled for surgery March 4, 2010. My mom and sisters didn’t want that again for me, since I had cervical fusion a few years earlier. So I agreed to try one last thing before I went under the knife.

I have to say, years and years of pain and also – physical therapy – needle point injections – pain shots in the spine – and many other procedures, I was doubtful about this Spinal Decompression. But to satisfy my family I thought what the heck. It sure wouldn’t hurt. So I tried it.

After 7 treatments, I’m sure telling a difference. I’m more energetic and wanting to do so much but I have to be patient. If I feel this way now I can just imagine how I will feel after 20 treatments. I will be unstoppable.

Now, I’m so hopeful for such a wonderful future with being able to go on hikes with my grandchildren and all other activities. I can hardly wait. I want to thank God for giving someone the knowledge to make this machine and Dr. Frank for purchasing this machine to help care for people. Anyone going through what I was going through, first try this before the knife. Love you Dr. Frank. May God bless you.

– Cindy H.

I feel like a miracle took place.

I had been living with sciatic pain for over two years. Gradually it got to the point where the pain was so bad that I could not sit, drive or even dress myself without pain. I tried physical therapy and that helped a little, but afterword, the pain was worse than ever. Eventually, with advice from a family member, I came to see Dr. Iulianelli and try decompression. Therapy itself was actually very pleasant and I could feel changes immediately as I was on the machine. In just 20 treatments I feel like a miracle took place. I experience no pain now. My husband is happy to have his old wife back and my children are pleased that mom can do so much more. I am very excited.

– Kelly S

I’m very impressed with my progress.

I was tired of the pain, sleep loss and offers of prescription meds to numb my life. I’ve had the steroid injections, repeat injections, rhizotomy, disc decompression surgery, physical therapy and none have given me the relief of the DRX9000 at Innate Specific Chiropractic. My sleep pattern has changed significantly for the better and I find myself doing activities almost without pain. I’m very impressed. This is NOT just traction like you might find with traditional physical therapy. You can actually feel how this machine is working, as though it is allowing your back to breathe again! I’m 53 years old and not willing to give up riding my Harley, playing softball, kickball or whatever else I want to do…including routine chores at home. I’m very impressed with my progress and I would recommend this procedure to anyone who qualifies.

– Susan J.

I am pain-free.

Before I came to Innate Specific Chiropractic my pain in my lower back and right leg was bad. I have a herniated/bulging disc at L4-5 and L3-4. My right leg was losing strength and at times I couldn’t even walk on it. The pain in both my back and leg would never go away. I had 3 epidural injections and physical therapy. At P.T. I did exercises and traction. Neither of these were working, not even the injections. Then I found Dr. Frank Iulianelli and came for a consultation. Now after 20 visits on the Spinal Decompression machine and continuing my exercises at home, I am pain free and my leg is back to normal! Thank you for helping me get my life back!

– Jennifer D

I am very pleased with my results.

This is a letter I never expected to write. When I began my treatments on the spinal decompression machine, I was very skeptical – but hopeful. Now two weeks after the final visit, I am almost totally pain free. I am very pleased with my results. If I know of anyone with this same problem, I will tell them about you.Thanks you for your help.

– Janet H.

My back doesn’t ache after a long day of work.

I have a lawn maintenance company, so I am constantly putting stress on my back. I have had back problems for 30+ years. For the past 10 years I have also seal-coated my driveway and my back usually aches the next day from bending over for 3½ hours. But this past winter the pain finally got to the point that I had to do something about it. Dr. Iulianelli suggested I try Spinal Decompression. I completed Spinal Decompression the beginning of April – before I began my work season. Even after I was done with my treatment, I still wasn’t convinced that it worked, but Dr. Iulianelli told me that I would continue to heal over the next year. I am happy to say that it DID work. Now, 5 months after I finished my treatment, I am convinced. My back doesn’t ache after a hard day of work. I haven’t felt pain in a long time. When pain comes, you notice it. But when it goes away gradually, you don’t realize it until you do something that you know should have caused pain (because it used to) – but NOW there’s no pain.

– Tom B.

I can now live my active lifestyle.

After a fall snowboarding (I’m 57), I started having sciatic type pain. After 1 ½ months I knew I had to do something. After only one treatment (the first of 20) I had no pain! My x-rays were a shock to me also. I believe this program will get me back to better ‘back health’ and allow me to continue my active lifestyle well into old age (57 ain’t old!).

– Todd S.

I have almost zero pain in my legs.

I am glad to share my experience and story with those having pain in their back. After my first surgery (lower back disc herniation), I was free from pain for about one year. But slowly the pain started growing again and put me in the situation of another back surgery. I wasn’t able to walk more than 5 minutes and had to lay down at home most of the day. It was my friend who recommended that I see Dr. Iulianelli with a great story of himself completely recovered from his back pain after being treated by Dr. Iulianelli. First I had Corrective Care and then moved to the next step which was Spinal Decompression. At present, I have almost “0” pain in my legs and minor pain in my back. I drove 70 miles every day from Novi to get the treatment. Was it worth it? You bet!!!!! For those who think, as I did, “nothing to lose” …try something new, and you will get confidence day by day while treatments are implemented. Try it and feel it!!!

– Hway-Kee K.

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